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The 2017-18 100 Club

By signing up for the 100 Club you will be helping the club raise extra funds for the 2017/18 playing budget.  Do your bit to support Frank and Paul this season – and from just £20 you can be entered into 12 monthly draws to win cash prizes of £30 and £15 plus a chance to win a bumper £100 Christmas draw that will take place at the end of November.

£20 will buy you one number, while £50 buys 3 numbers and £90 gets you a bargain 6 numbers.

You can pay up front by cheque, cash or by bank transfer.

If you are paying by cheque or through a bank transfer please complete the form below and either hand it me (or Tim Marcus and David Penn) on a match day, email a copy to or send it to Graham Newsom, 59 Elmcroft Drive, Chessington, Surrey  KT9 1DY. Numbers will be confirmed once payment is received in the 100 Club’s account - Sort Code 40-20-09 Act No 21608517

If you prefer to pay by cash can you please complete the form and hand it and the cash to me (or Tim Marcus and David Penn) on a match day.

Good Luck

Graham Newsom

TMUFC 100 Club Promoter

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