Presidentís Notes

Please note that the views expressed here are mine alone and may not necessarily be the views of the football club in general.

First of all I would like to start this article with an apology. When criticised on the forum, for not updating my column on the Members Club web-site, I made a rather flippant remark that there had not been anything to report. I should not have said this and I apologise for the comment. Last season was of course one of the most exciting of the Imperial Fields era, and I hope I conveyed my thoughts in the article I wrote in DPís excellent book on the season.

I have been up to now, very pessimistic about our chances of avoiding relegation. I have felt that last season everything went for us, and this season apart from the rather fortunate draw at Dorking, everything has gone against us. The game against Metropolitan Police at Imperial Fields in January was a case in point. We completely dominated the game and ended up losing 2-0. The Police directors apologised after the game for their victory, describing it as daylight robbery.

Strangely though, I am now slightly more optimistic that we might just escape relegation by the skin of our teeth. The match on Saturday at Harrow is vitally important and I hope that as many supporters as possible can make the journey to support the team. As Ian Bullock and I both know, we have never achieved anything away to this club, and now is the time for this to change. The performance against Tonbridge last Saturday was impressive, but our inability to score when we are on top is a major concern. I am sure that Frank will use all of his motivational skills to convey to the players how important the next three games are to us. One point I would like to make however is that slagging off certain players on the Message Board which has been the case recently, doesnít exactly help in this respect.

On the playing front, the re-introduction of Jordan Wilson has in my opinion been an excellent decision. In the last two games we have been more impressive going forward and we now seem to be creating more chances. The loss of Mike Dixon for most of the second half of the season has been a bitter blow. I was told on Saturday that the club, or rather the Manager has done everything he can to try and help Mike back to full fitness, but to no avail. After the game away at Enfield, one of their supporters said to me how impressed he was and commented that in Dominic and Mike we had two players that he would like in his side.

The introduction of young players into the team is a very forward step, as it indicates to youth team players that there is a chance of progression at our club. It must be said however that it is a big step up to the First Team and these youngsters have a lot to learn. I am sure that they will go on to have fine careers if they stick at it and show the right attitude. The Premier Division of the Bostik league is a major increase in class from the Southern Division and it is a hard place of learning.

With regard to the ground share with Dulwich Hamlet, I have just read as you have that this is to be extended for another season. I also note concerns that if we are relegated we will be forced to play some games on Sunday if fixtures clash. I do not know whether this is the case, but I am sure that the club will clarify the situation very shortly. On the subject of the Hamlet, it must be said that despite the fierce rivalry between the Supporters, we have always had an excellent relationship with their Directors. Their President Jack Payne, has always been a good friend of mine. We had an excellent working relationship at Sandy Lane when he was Chairman of the GMC and I was the Club Secretary.

As a final comment, I would like to say a big thank you to Daniel Collins who made a very nice remark about me on the forum. I have always tried to be approachable and will talk to anybody about the club. Letís all hope that the team responds in the next three games and give our wonderful fans that have supported the club through thick and thin something to cheer about. They deserve it

Chris Jackson